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The Faculty of Information Management has been preparing students for exciting and challenging careers in the fields of information and library since the mid of 1960s. Our faculty is a vibrant and friendly home of faculty members and students who promote all aspects of information management in support of communities, individuals, governments and the private sector. We produce information professionals who have specific knowledge on information literacy, information handling, resource and information management and able to use ICT as a tool to manage information. Specific skills that we offer to students are managing library, records and resource center, as well as developing applications and web contents. Students from this faculty will be equipped to work in the library and resource center environment, and in any organizations in the need for information and knowledge workers. Many of our alumni now occupy senior positions in business, government and academia. We invite you to explore the Faculty website to find out more about our teaching and research activities and events open to both students and public throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.

Thank you.

Prof. Dr. Sohaimi Zakaria
Dean, Faculty of Information Management


To be a world class center of excellence for education and research in the fields of Information Management, Knowledge Management, Library Management and Record Management.


Provide education for information professionals to enable a well-balanced, knowledgeable, competitive, and ethical workforce for the development of Malaysia as a knowledge society.
Provide continuous education program at various levels to fulfill the needs of working information personnel to enhance knowledge, skill and competency in line with the national policy on capacity building and lifelong learning.
Provide leadership in consultancy and research for individuals and organizations interested in research and development in the areas encompassing information, knowledge, library, archive & record management.


The faculty believes in educating information professionals, enabling them to become the catalyst for the knowledge-based society, transforming Malaysia into a developed country.


The objectives of the faculty are: To fulfill the manpower needs for professionally qualified information personnel for the development of the nation towards vision 2020. To provide academic and professional programs of high quality, innovative and up-to-date. To provide quality teaching with the support of practical training, research, publishing, and consultancy work. To increase the quality, effectiveness and the variety of training programs in line with industry needs and technological advancement. To produce graduates capable of playing a key role in the promotion of reading habits and information-rich society.

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